Jeffery Forson
Jeffrey is a true powerhouse. Not only does he stick to an impressive workout regimen, he hops from one movie set to the other and manages to be not just a model, but Mr. Model Africa 2016. He considers himself an initiator, and is definitely a fun, driven, disciplined achiever. Jeffrey keeps moving with BodyFuel.
Bambi Bamfo
Bambi is our very own Wonderwoman. She is a competitive bodybuilder who entered her first championship by teaching herself from YouTube videos, and finished 6th out of 21 participants. Bambi is a nurse, a bikini athlete, fitness instructor and a supermom – the definition of a bona fide go getter. Bambi keeps moving with BodyFuel.
Godwin Frimpong
Godwin is a force to reckon with. This fitness coach is an award winning body builder who made Ghana proud, placing 3rd in the 2017 Arnold Classics held in South Africa. He is also a boxing enthusiast who puts his love for boxing to use by teaching at boxing boot camps. He is a real, focused team captain. Godwin keeps moving with BodyFuel.
Emmanuel Ampadu
Emmanuel aka Warmz Incredible is shaping up to be a literal Man of steel. With powerful 120kg bench press and 200kg deadlift stats, it’s no surprise that he is the personal trainer for such big names in the country like Sarkodie. Warmz is a passionate, down-to-earth fitness coach who walks the talk and works out 5 times a week. Warmz keeps moving with BodyFuel.