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Respect Health Shape & Control

Shape & Control 

  • Meal replacer
  • Weight control
  • Healthy nutrition

Shape & Control protein shake is a plant based protein that was  designed to give you energy and keep you in shape. We guarantee  you a high quality protein blend that also tastes great. Get in shape  now!


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  • A pure blend of pea protein isolates that provide you with essential  amino acids that help your body maintain a healthy shape defines our  Shape and Control range of proteins.
  • We’ve kept the fat content low and ensured just the right ratio of protein to carbohydrates are in  there so that your body is left only with the essentials to maintain  your target weight. We are trimming the extra weight!
  • Worried about  feeling bloated? Our pea protein blend is among the most digestible  out there.
  • All that is left to do is pick your favourite natural flavour:  Chocolate, Vanilla, or Red Berries.


Mix two tablespoons in a glass of (plant based) milk, fruit juice or water.  Mix for 15 seconds in a protein shaker or electric blender and enjoy at  anytime of day.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with recipes and feel free to send us your  delicious creations – We will feature them in our social media.

Tip: add a teaspoon of Respect spriulina to boost your shake with additonal proteins, vitamins and minerals.


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