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Genesix Nutrition Grow Mass Gainer 6lbs


  • Boost muscle Gains
  • Amplify your Strength
  • High quality clean protein
  • Support Recovery

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Get the foundational dietary supplements you need to build muscle with Genesix Gainer. This formula is made using our Build, Fiber and Lipid Blends, all of which are expertly formulated to provide the right balance of clean calories, healthy fats, protein and fiber to support long-term muscle growth. Those blends are supported with carb and vitamin complexes that round out this supplement with the complex carbohydrates you need to fuel your energy and a vitamin mix you need to maintain overall complete body health. Fuel lean muscle growth during and after your workout with Genesix Gainer.



● Amino Blend: ​Proprietary formula to improve recovery and empower increased workout intensity. Contains glutamine, creatine, & essential amino acids.

● Build Blend:​ Exclusive Genesix blend of highly concentrated proteins to build lean muscle mass rapidly. Contains whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, & essential amino acid complex.

● Carb Complex: ​Relies on complex carbohydrates for an immediate energy boost. Contains long-chain polysaccharides, dextrose, & pure cane sugar.

● Fiber Blend:​ Exclusive Genesix blend that’s rich in soluble fiber and acts as a probiotic to support good gut bacteria and regulate digestion. Contains acacia gum, cocoa bean fiber.

● Lipid Blend: ​Exclusive Genesix blend to burn fat, fight inflammation, and stimulate growth hormones with clean calories. Contains coconut milk powder, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil powder, and safflower oil powder.

● Vitamin Complex: ​Supports a healthy lifestyle by providing a foundation of vitamins needed for holistic physical health.

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