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Vanilla Chai Plant Protein + Probiotics

Tastes so good, we had to put Delicious in its name


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Healthy Delights® Plant Protein + Probiotics to enhance protein utilization & digestive health — Delicious Vanilla Chai
To make a plant-based protein shake taste like a coffee house indulgence, we had to rethink the protein shake. We started with high quality, Vegan pea, rice and pumpkin proteins. Next, we added seven probiotic strains at about 1 billion CFUs**. Once we had the nutrition down, came the hard part — it had to mix well in water and taste unbelievably delicious. Good wouldn’t be good enough, it had to be great so you want to drink it everyday. The flavor combination and nutrient density in this smooth, rich and creamy Delicious Vanilla Chai flavor will have you rethinking protein shakes.


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